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Dental Implants: How They Work and Why You Need Them

Have you lost a tooth or perhaps more? Then this article will interest you because we will talk about everything you need to know about dental implants.

Currently, it is the most successful method for replacing missing teeth.

Let's start by figuring out if you're a good candidate for this.

Are You Eligible for a Dental Implant?

To qualify for this procedure, you need to let the cosmetic dentist know whether:

  • You have a health condition, such as diabetes or cancer
  • You smoke or drink alcohol
  • You take or took any medication

Besides your medical past, an x-ray or a 3D scan will be required. Thanks to these and computer imaging, the dentist will know exactly where the implant needs to be placed.

What Happens when You Lose a Tooth or More?

Teeth are supported by the bone that surrounds them. To maintain the form and the density, bone receives stimulation from the teeth. When teeth are lost, the bone's width will decrease approximately 25% during the first year. After that, it will decrease in height as well

Losing all your teeth will cause serious problems for aesthetics and function. "The alveolar bone won't be the only one affected by lost teeth, but also the jawbone" states Kirkland cosmetic dentist, Dr. Greene.

What You Need to Know about Dental Implants

The only way the bone can be stimulated and stay healthy after a tooth is lost is by choosing dental implants.

Even if you have lost only one tooth, we recommend going for an implant. It will help a lot the long run.

It's a popular and efficient option for you to consider. Dental implants are done so well you won't even be able to tell which is your natural tooth and which isn't. The first step is placing the artificial root. Then, we'll wait until it integrates with the jawbone. After that, we can proceed with placing the artificial tooth.

For implants, you have four solutions to choose from:

  1. Single-tooth replacement
  2. Full upper or lower arch replacement
  3. Implant-supported dentures
  4. Mini-dental implants

Statistics show that a significant number of Americans are missing teeth, some of them are even missing all of their teeth in one jaw.

Many of them don't even have implants or have not heard about this possibility.

Here are some incredible advantages of dental implants that cannot be replaced by anything else:

  • They will last more than 15 years
  • They don't develop decay
  • They don't require root canals (we all know how unpleasant these can be)
  • They look and feel like your own teeth
  • They stimulate the bone

Find out More about Implants

We believe that having healthy teeth is crucial for our everyday life. Missing a tooth or more might affect our mood and our habits.

Don't let that happen.

Our dentists have the training and the experience required to meet any needs.

Get in touch with us today by calling 404.892.3545 to make an appointment or ask us more questions. 

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