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Common Orthodontic Issues Which Require a Cosmetic Dentist

Did you know you can straighten your teeth at any age? Today, more and more adults have discovered the advantages of going to a cosmetic dentist for orthodontic problems.

However, there is still a significant number of people who could benefit from this type of services. You can be one of them.

Straight teeth will not only improve your smile, but they will also:

  • Be easier to clean;
  • Correct an irregular bite;
  • Help teeth last a lifetime.

In this article, we want to outline the most common orthodontic issues which require a visit to the dentist.

Common Orthodontic Issues That Require a Cosmetic Dentist

1. Crowding of teeth

This orthodontic issue occurs when the teeth don't have enough room inside the mouth. It can happen because a person has a small jaw.

Overcrowding teeth are hard to clean, which can lead to tooth decay.

2. Protruding teeth

This issue is commonly known as buck teeth. It occurs when the upper teeth are extended far too forward. The orthodontic treatment will align the teeth and the bite.

If this problem is not treated, then the lower teeth can cause issues to the top of the mouth because they'll grow larger than they were supposed to.

3. Overbite

This is an extremely common issue, which can easily be treated by a cosmetic dentist. In the worst scenarios, an overbite can make chewing difficult.

An overbite is characterized by the upper teeth or the jaw protruding over the lower teeth. It will take less time for teenagers to correct this problem than it would take for adults.

4. Open bite  

An open bite occurs when the teeth and the jaw of a person do not meet. Sucking the thumb as a child can be one cause for this issue.

Difficulty chewing and damage to the other teeth are two of the main repercussions of not correcting this problem.

5. Crossbite

A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. A misaligned bite can lead to serious issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and stress on the jaw muscles.

6. Under bite

It's a type of bad bite where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth. If this is not corrected, it can cause difficulty while eating, jaw pain, halitosis or sleep apnea.

7. Spaced teeth

If you have small teeth and large jaw, then the issue of having spaced teeth can occur. The gaps can be between any two teeth.

Aside from looking unaesthetic, food may get stuck between the spaces and the teeth may become loose.

8. Missing lateral incisors

Somewhere between 3% and 8% of the population is missing one or more teeth. When the lateral incisors are missing, an orthodontic treatment at Sky Orthodontics Oklahoma City can solve this problem.

By straightening the teeth, this issue can be corrected by proper placing the teeth. Then, the lateral incisors can be replaced by implants.

Fixing Any Orthodontic Issue Is Extremely Easy Nowadays

With the Invisalign procedure, our cosmetic dentists can help you have beautiful, straight, healthy teeth in a short amount of time.

What's even better is you'll feel little to no discomfort while wearing these custom-made teeth aligners.

If you have an orthodontic issue which you'd like to fix, contact us today to set an appointment.

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